METECO JSC ensure guarantee and after guarantee services for all installed and commissioned dedusting systems.

METECO JSC offers in-depth inspections, analysis and reporting for reconstruction and modernization of existing baghouse/fabric filter installations.

METECO  has the experience and staff to provide a skilled, knowledgeable service team for customers with situations that need to be handled immediately.

METECO offers:

  • On-site emergency response troubleshooting with immediate practical solutions to keep customers' baghouse operations on-line and productive
  • Phone consulting that can restore baghouse compliance in most cases until a more convenient time is available for in-depth assessment and solutions
  • An innovative approach to diagnosing and solving problems as a result of more than 20 years experience with baghouses/fabric filter 
  • Delivery and replacement of defective and end of life parts and products
  • Delivery and replacement of Bag Filters Accessories /filter bags and cartridges, cages, nozzles etc./
  • Complete adjustment of baghouse/fabric filter installations to achieve normal operation conditions