Baghouse/Fabric Filters and Cartridge Filters

PULSE JET bag filters with pulse jet bag cleaning, designed and installed by МЕТЕCОJSC are high efficient dedusting plants for dry cleaning of dust laden gases and fumes from various industrial branches.

Bag filters are with modular design. Each module consists of definite number of sections . Each section is divided in two parts by a separating plate situated in its top part – for clean and dust laden gases. On the plate are cut round coupling apertures where are fixed filter bags pulled over metal cages. Filter bags cleaning is carried out by pulses of compressed air.

Pulse jet blow system comprises pneumo-accumulator, fast-acting electromagnetic solenoid valves, distribution pipes, nozzles and “Venturi” pipes. Filter bags cleaning cycle is controlled by dust collector controllers with built in deltaP transducer, depending on previously assigned highest and lowest values of pressure difference on filter input and output. Electromagnetic valves opening and closing intervals last parts of a second. Thus filter bags are injected with high speed air flow, resulting in filter bags contraction and cleaning of sticken from outside dust. Shaken down dust falls into filter hopper which bottom ends in transport system.

Filter bags types
SEMJET-on line
  • Filter bags blowing is performed without interruption of filtration process. Separate filter bag rows are automatically blown in fixed time intervals when reaching a specified pressure difference (delta P) between clean and dirty bag side.
  • Find application in all industry branches
  • Bag filters are designed depending on dust laden fumes features and particular requirements

SEMJET-off line
  • Applied for cleaning of fine (floating) dust
  • Filter elements regeneration is performed after automatic discontinuing of operation and transition of dust laden flow through section provided for dedusting by using by-pass valves;
  • Separate sections can be switched off for control or repair operations without discontinuation of dedusting plant operation;
  • Bag filters are designed depending on dust laden fumes features and particular requirements
Explosion proof bag filters
  • For cleaning of dust laden flows where dust explosion danger exists
  • They are made with reinforced filter body construction
  • Filter bags are provided from material with antistatic treatment
  • Application field : wood processing, production and processing of sugar, flour, leader, plastics and also for dedusting of coal dust;
  • They meet all Bulgarian and International standards for explosion proof performance.

Small-size PULSE JET Filters:

  • Circular and right-angular
  • Pulse Jet filter bags regeneration
  • High dust retaining ability
  • With/without compulsory intake of dust laden flow
  • Suitable for dedusting of separate equipment units as: silos, crushers, mixers, wood processing machines, transloading sections etc.

Cartridge filters

Certain production processes have emissions of very fine dust. For such applications METECO JSC has developped Cartridge Filter plants. So called “Cartridge” have a large filtration surface per unit of area and high dust retaining ability /over 99,5 %/. Due to its compactness they are very suitable for assembly in cramped spaces.