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At July 2016 was successfully introduced into regular operation designed, delivered and built to key from "METEKO" original an aspiration and a treatment plant to four bathtubs to dissolve the xanthogens flotation in "ASAREL Medet" Joint Stock Company.

The installation with a capacity of 10,500 m3 / hour aspirated off released of two baths simultaneously acidic vapor and organic, foul-smelling harmful emissions / n-hexane, n-heptane, 2-pentanol, mercaptans and alcohols /.

The purification of the harmful substances adsorption is conducted in two-tier installations, for neutralization of acid vapor and absorption of the organics contaminants.

The parts: pipelines, neutraliser, regulating valves exposed to aggressive environment are made from polypropylene. Odor removal is performed in battery of filters-cartridge type.

After commissioning of the installation are removed all harmful emissions from the area of the working environment and effectively was purified aspirated air before discarding him in a chimney. This guarantee concentration maximum tolerances according to Directive №13 and maximum tolerances emissions according to Directive №1.

Part of the project is the built automated system for monitoring and dosing of water into the bathtubs. Are obtained constant concentration of xanthogenate solutions and improving staff performance in the flotation plant.