Engineering & Consulting

The METECO team of engineers help our customers to solve problems with baghouses/fabric filter processes and equipment, and to optimize performance for reduced costs and emissions.

METECO offer performance assessment, troubleshooting and root cause analyses to truly understand what problems exist and how the recommended solutions can deliver needed, cost effective performance results from baghouse/fabric filter installations. Understanding our customers' processes and equipment is foundational to the METECO consulting approach.

Engineering services and Technical consulting for baghouses / fabric fitlers involve a range of options for comprehensive analysis of performance improvement opportunities such as :

  • review of baghouse design, configuration and process to optimize fabric filter performance;
  • assessment of baghouse condition based on reports and internal mechanical inspection,
  • review of baghouse and process operating data etc.    
  • selection of suitable filter media in bag filter, considering parameters of dust laden emissions
  •  technical assistance and management of the construction works
  • pre-investment studies
  • supervision of assembly works, adjustment and testing of installed plants
  • designing of optional (supplementary) equipment

The comprehensive, quantitative and actionable baghouse information provided to METECO’s customers gives the following results:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved safety, efficiency and quality

METECO consulting services result in the development of company products and services based on actual customer needs.