Dedusting systems

МЕТЕCО designs and puts into operation dedusting systems for purification of industrial and ventilation gases and dust laden fumes for different industrial applications.

Dedusting is carried out by efficient bag filters with pulse jet cleaning of bags or by cartridge filters .

Filters modular construction creates a great variety of applications and capacity ranges. Each dedusting system is designed after detailed study of pollution source, as well as technological processes and equipment,  which permits use of most effective purification methods. Particular attention is given to correct dimensioning of aspiration system - encapsulations, suction ducts, piping, fans etc.

For prevention of secondary dusting upon discharging of dust deposed in filter hopper, a water spraying devices are provided as well as conveyor systems with water and vapor moistening.

In some cases, when dedusting systems are a part of a complete production line,  an entirely dustless technologies are applied.

METECO dedusting systems meet the requirements of EU standards for limit values of harmful emissions in the workplace and environment. The guaranteed residual dust content after filtration is less than 20 mg/Nm3.

At client’s request, the control of dedusting plants can be manual, remote or fully automatic. The last one is performed through dust collector controllers upon preset algorithm. They control the normal state of equipment units and technological parameters as well perform high level commands.

Ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy
Technological gases from production, dressing and sintering plants, metallurgical units, bunker gantries for raw materials, transloading sections, crushers, screens etc.
Technological gases from cupola, induction and resistance furnaces, sand and moulding workshops, shaking grids etc.
Chemical industry
Technological equipment and  belt conveyors for transportation of raw materials and final products
Power industry

Power stations - transloading sections, transport lines for coil and ash, steam boilers

Production of building materials

Cement and lime furnaces, crushers, sieves, transport lines for raw materials and final products

Ceramic industry

Dust laden air flows, separated during ceramic and faience processing as well as production of tiles and bricks

Asphalt production

Dry dedusting of gases, separated from asphalt plants drum mixers
/capacity from 20 to 100 t/hour asphalt/


Local aspiration of woodworking machines

Tobacco industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Textile industry
Leather industry
Food industry
Unloading stations for pneumatic-transport systems
Unloading stations for pneumatic-transport systems
Paint shops
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